Are you about ready to head out the door to your son or daughter’s graduation across the country? You have a long drive ahead of you; are you ready? Moreover, is your car ready? The auto repair experts here at Urban Autocare have plenty advice to make sure hit the road in a safe vehicle. Without further ado, here’s a simple, yet helpful, 5-point car safety checklist.

Our Fast and Easy 5-Point Safety Checklistauto repair Denver

  1. Check the lights!

Before putting your car into reverse to back out of the driveway, check your lights. You should check the headlights, tail lights, flashers and blinkers. A basic check of your signals and lights should always be performed before heading out the door on a long drive. Every light should be in working order, including your hazards; you never know when you’ll need them.

  1. Check the condition of all four tires, including tread depth and air pressure.

It’s crucial to have safe tires. Grab a penny to check the tread depth of each tire. In order to do this, you’ll place the penny in one of the valleys of the tread. At the very minimum, the tread should be even with the top of Abe Lincoln’s head. To read the air pressure, you’ll need a pressure gauge. Insert the gauge into the valve stem and press firmly. The gauge should read back the PSI of each tire. Make sure you know the proper tire pressure for your vehicle  by reading the manual. If you need air, head to the nearest gas station or give the auto repair experts at Urban Autocare a call.

  1. Check the brakes.

Your vehicle’s braking system is your first line of defense. If you want to be able to stop efficiently and safely, it’s important to have your brake system checked. The easiest and simplest way to check your car’s brakes on your own is by sitting behind the wheel while the car is off. Shift your car into neutral and pump the brakes a few times. Your car shouldn’t move and the brake should become firm. If the feeling of your brake is soft, there’s an issue. To have a more thorough brake check, give your auto repair experts a call. We’re happy to help!

  1. Are all of the fluids full?

Don’t take off until all of the fluids under the hood are good to go. They should be topped off. This means you should check the coolant, windshield wiper washer fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and transmission fluid. If you aren’t sure how to check all of these, stop by Urban Autocare in Denver.

  1. Take a look at the safety and electrical components.

All of the warning lights on your dashboard should be off. If you notice the  “check engine” light is on, it’s time to swing by to talk to our auto repair specialists. Also, make sure the horn works effectively and be sure the seat belts and buckles are functional.

Reach out to us for repairs and services.

If you find any problems with your car during your 5-point checklist, it’s important to give the repair experts at Urban Autocare here in Denver and Lakewood a call. We’re happy to do the checklist for you, or fix anything that you find! Schedule an appointment prior to your trip today!