When it comes to your vehicle’s safe operation, one of the most important components is your braking system. When your brakes fail, you are left in danger of a serious crash. If you are worried that your braking system is on its last leg, we invite you to stop by for auto repair in Denver at Urban Auto Care. We can help you get back on the road, with the peace of mind that your vehicle is in tip-top shape.

Not sure whether or not your vehicle’s brakes need attention? Check out these symptoms of failing brakes.

#1: Squealing, Squeaking, And Other Noises

Are your brakes starting to become noticeably loud? If you hear squealing, squeaking, or other noises every time you brake, it might be due to a failing brake system. Usually, as your brake pads begin to wear down, you will start to notice a slight squeal or squeak. As that noise becomes louder and turns into a grinding noise, it is a good indication you are burning through the brake pads and starting to damage further components.

As soon as you start to hear noises from your brakes, take the car in for an inspection. Your mechanic will be able to tell you if you simply need to replace your brake pads or if the problem has worsened.

#2: Shuddering Or Jerky Brakes

When you engage your brake, the system should operate smoothly and effectively, bringing your car to a stop. If you have noticed that your brakes are making a jerking movement or shuddering when you engage them, it is time for an inspection. This can be a sign that the rotors inside your braking system are no longer even. Never ignore this important signal that something is amiss with your brakes.

#3: Feeling Soft Or Spongy

As you step on your brake pedal, you should feel a firm and gentle give. If your brakes are starting to feel soft or spongy as you apply them, it might be a sign that the system is about to give. When the softness turns into your brake pedal reaching your floorboards, it is time to see your mechanic right away. This can be an indication of a serious failure in your braking system, such as issues with your master cylinder.

#4: A Strong Burning Smell

If you smell a strong chemical odor when you are engaging in heavy braking, it could be a sign that your brakes are actually burning up. Make sure you pull over as soon as you can to let your braking system cool down and see your mechanic right away. If you don’t pull off and allow your brakes to cool off, you can wind up boiling your brake fluid, leading to complete brake system failure.

Visit Urban Auto Care For Brake Repairs Today

If your brakes are demonstrating any of the above issues, we invite you to stop by our auto repair shop in Denver today. We are proud to provide excellent auto repair services across the Denver Metro area and we will be glad to help you diagnose what is going on with your braking system. Because your brakes play such a vital role in keeping you safe on the road, we encourage you to never ignore the signs of failing brakes. We can quickly and efficiently figure out what is wrong, find you the best solution for your needs, and get you back on the road again.

From oil changes to transmission repair, our team of mechanics is ready to assist you in keeping your vehicle safe and ready for the road ahead. Feel free to reach out with any further questions you have about the services we offer or to learn more about our team. We look forward to helping you with all your auto repair needs across Denver, Aurora, and surrounding locations.