Let’s face it, we all love our cars dearly, but when it comes to giving them the auto repair that they need when they need it, we can slack a little. Because of this, here at Urban Auto Care we wanted to give you the chance to care for your car in other ways, so that when you need an auto repair in Denver, you’ll be more likely to schedule an appointment then wait it out to see what happens. According to the Subaru repair specialists at Urban Auto Care, here are 9 do it yourself hacks that anyone can take part of, so that caring for your care the next time it needs repair is much more inviting.

  1. Make storage in your car. Some makes and models of cars don’t have enough space that you’d like. Love your car a little more with the extra storage space you have just made for drinks, pens, sticky pads and more!
  2. Make your engine sparkle, so that you can get better service the next time you need auto repair. With a little bit of soap and water, you can clean out your engine compartments and make it much easier for mechanics to get in there to find hose breaks, belt cracks and other leaks that may be causing problems in your engine.
  3. Do you ever get lost when you park your car in a big parking lot at the mall? Take a picture from a small distance away to remember where you parked.

Believe it or not, we still have many more do it yourself hacks that you could find useful. Check out our next blog to read more!