If you have been following our blog series, then you already know that our auto repair shop, Urban Auto Care in Denver has given you some awesome do it yourself hacks for your car, so that the next time it breaks down, you will be more likely to get it fixed rather than let it try to keep running until you are left without a car. If you want to start caring for your car a lot more, start by trying the next few hacks!

  1. Start caring about your gas mileage more! Start taking note of your gas mileage, and leave plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you! Also, if you’re not one to use cruise control, know that it can help make your gas last longer! Stopping fast if you’re following too close can eat up your case, so can accelerating fast to get up to speed. Tracking your mileage, working on using cruise control and breaking slower can help save some gas.
  2. Are you someone who loves to have a crystal clear windshield? Make sure that you carry and razor blade with your in your car. The next time you can’t get that splattered bug off of your windshield, use the razor blade that you’ve kept in your car to scrape it off with little effort.
  3. We’ve all been in that situation here in Denver where you run out of windshield wiper fluid. On an icy morning don’t get caught scraping your windshield, instead, whip out your hand sanitizer and squirt it on your windshield. The alcohol that is in the sanitizer can break down ice fast, making it less likely for you to freeze out in the cold!

We’re not done yet! Stay tuned for our final blog on what do it yourself hacks you can take part in to love your car more than you ever thought you would!