Living in Denver, Colorado we are all too familiar with hail damage and how it can wreck the appearance of our cars. The weather we endure on a day to day basis is very unpredictable. For instance, on Monday we could be experiencing weather with temperatures in the high 70s, and the next morning we could be waking up to 2 inches of snow on the ground. Hail is another one of these weather changes that Colorado can throw at us in an instant, so if you’re caught in a damaging hail storm, don’t worry!

At Urban Auto Repair we have what it takes to provide you with the auto repair you need to keep your car looking great and driving fantastic through any weather you encounter. Even if you don’t need auto repair currently, we hope you keep our name nearby because Denver is definitely a hot spot for hail storms. In fact, in past years, the months of June and July show to be the most damaging months to car owners from hail alone. The largest concentration of damaging hail storms caused Colorado car owners to spend millions to repair their cars.

If you have recently been affected by hail, it is time that you put your trust in the professionals at Urban Auto Repair. Visit us online today or give us a call to schedule your appointment!