Driving in the winter is something that many people stress about. Even if you have four wheel drive, snowy and icy roads can be a nightmare. At Urban Autocare in Denver, we can relate to the stress. Not only is it stressful to drive on roads that are full of slush, snow and ice, but worrying about other drivers around you is something that everyone would stop if they could. Because we care about all of our auto repair customers, we’re giving great winter driving tips that can improve your chances of staying safe out there this season. Catch up by reading our past winter driving tips!

Don’t Power Up Hills

Denver doesn’t have a lot of big hills we need to worry about, but if you’re driving up towards the ski resorts on I-70, you must know that you shouldn’t power up hills. If you are driving on a slick road, chances are that you’re car’s tires will lose traction. This only means one thing, you’ll get stuck in place! Instead of powering through steep hills, make it a point to get a little extra inertia going before you reach the big hill. This way, the inertia will carry you up the hill to the top. Be sure that you don’t stop on purpose on a hill either. We know this can be hard if you’re caught in traffic, but if you can avoid stopping, make sure you do! Just make sure once you reach the top, you let off the gas and reduce your speed. Proceeding down the hill as slowly as possible is your next goal.

Stay Home

If you can get away with staying at home, do! Don’t go out if you don’t need to. Even if you are someone who always drives well and with caution in the snow, it’s the other drivers who aren’t as experienced that you should be worrying about. Not everyone can drive well in the snow like you, so don’t tempt fate! Instead of going out, watch the snow from inside your home or better yet, get out in the snow in your yard and build a snowman!