It’s important to feel safe in your car at all times, especially since the average time driving in one day is a little over an hour. No matter if your commute to work is five minutes or one hour, you should have the necessary items in case of an emergency. The auto repair experts at Urban Autocare in Denver want you to know what you need to have in your car this winter, just in case disaster strikes.

Food and water

Extra food and water will save your life if you’re stranded. Make sure you pack a bag of non-perishable foods and bottles of water that you can provide yourself if you get stuck in some nasty weather. You never know when your car will break down or I-70 closes. All you can do is prepare for the worst!

Carry blankets

If you’re not prepared, you could end up suffering from hypothermia while out in a blizzard. If you end up stranded on the side of the road, chances are that you’ll be cold. Without a warm car, you need something extra to keep your warm. Carrying a blanket with you increases your odds of being warm!

Extra clothes

Pack a small bag of extra winter clothes with you. This includes extra socks, a heavy jacket, snow pants, gloves, scarf and hat. If you get stranded, you’ll need to wait for help to arrive. If you don’t have the proper clothes to keep you warm,  you won’t be able to be confident in knowing that you’ll get home safely.


If you’re on the side of the road or in a ditch somewhere, you better be able to signal for help. Road flares are a great way to guide help your way. Because flares are bright and neon, they can be seen through snowstorms and from far distances. They’re inexpensive to buy and they could end up saving your life!

Don’t go anywhere just yet! Stay tuned for more information on what you need to have in your car this winter! If you are in need of an auto repair in Denver, give Urban Autocare a call today!