When it comes to summer driving, one of the biggest dangers you will face is driving through severe storms. In our last blog, we talked about how you can prepare your car through basic auto maintenance tips, as well as how you can heed the variety of watches and warnings issued by the National Weather Service. In the second part of this blog series, we will go over how major repairs can help keep you safe on the road, as well as handy driving tips to keep you out of danger’s way.

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Tackle Major Repairs

With the busy summer season comes an increase in travel. Whether you are planning a long trip across the country or you are taking shorter day trips to the mountains, make sure you tackle any major repairs before hitting the road. While it can be tempting to put off repairs to try to save money, you can actually cause further damage to your car, leading to more costly repairs down the road.

Nothing is worse than breaking down right in the middle of a severe summer storm with nowhere to turn. Schedule repairs for any of the following on your vehicle and talk to our team about a car diagnosis to ensure you are not missing any major repairs:

  • Brake Repair: Are you brakes failing? Are the brake pads completely shot? Make sure you get your brakes repaired as soon as possible to prevent brake failure while you are driving through heavy rainfall.
  • Transmission Repair: A failing transmission could leave you stranded at the worst time possible. If your vehicle has a transmission that is acting up, bring it in for repairs right away.
  • Engine Repair: Similar to your transmission, your engine is the heart and soul of your vehicle. If you notice knocking noises, excessive oil loss, or other signs of engine trouble, bring your car to our auto shop for assistance. While engine repair can sound like a costly venture, the sooner you handle small repairs the less costly the fix will be.

Never Try To Cross Flooded Streets

It can be tempting to try to cross over a flooded street when you are in a hurry to get where you are going, but it is inadvisable to ever do so. While you may think the water looks shallow, it is easy to misjudge how deep standing water is and how fast it might be flowing. If the street you need to cross is flooded, look for an alternate path or wait it out. It is better to play it safe anytime you see standing water.

Know When To Leave Your Vehicle

While the captain of a ship might earn kudos for going down with his boat, there is nothing heroic about sticking out a storm in your car. If you hear a tornado warning on your radio or your phone indicates that large hail is headed your way, then you need to know when to get out of your car and head to safety. Even pulling off at a gas station and taking cover inside the building can be far safer than hanging out in your car while a storm passes through the area.

Park Under Protection

In the case of a severe thunderstorm, one of the most damaging things will be the hail. When you pair hailstones with high winds, you can quickly knock out windows and ding up an entire vehicle in a matter of minutes. If at all possible, park your vehicle under cover when you seek shelter. A parking garage is an ideal location to leave the vehicle but even a gas station awning can help protect the vehicle from some hail damage.

As stated in the tip above, make sure your priority is your own safety, not just the condition of the vehicle.

Here at Urban Auto Care, we provide high-quality auto repair services in Denver. If you need help getting your car ready for the stormy season ahead, stop by our shop. We can help you fix any major damages and take care of routine maintenance. Stay safe on the roads and come see us soon.