If you have been following our most current blog series, then you know that we can do pretty much any auto repair in the Denver area. Today, we will be getting a  little more serious with our repairs, and letting you know one of the major fixes that we see a lot of. Transmission repairs are part of our specialty, and our talented team of experts know how to give your transmission the repair it needs to get back out on the wintery roads of Colorado. Do you know what the signs are that your transmission is going out? Let us enlighten you with a few clues into your transmission giving out.

  1. Is your car refusing to go into gear time after time? If so, this is a sure sign that your transmission is sticking and your transmission could be going bad.
  2. If you smell something burning, and it’s not the smell of rubber from your breaks, it could be burning transmission fluid, another sign that your transmission has seen better days.
  3. When your car is in neutral, do you hear weird noises? This could be a sign that something isn’t going as planned under the hood.
  4. Are your gears starting to slip? If so, you could be forcing your manual car back into shift, damaging gears more.

There are many more signs of your transmission starting to fail. Stay tuned for our next blog to make sure that you are aware of all of the potential signs, and schedule your appointment with your transmission repair specialists in Denver at Urban Autocare.