Do you know how hard your car works when you drive it? Cars are underestimated, especially if you don’t really know how they work. Because Denver is starting to heat up, we wanted to give you some knowledge on how your engine coolant works to keep the guts of your car cool. After all, you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road with a puff of steam coming out from under the hood, do you?

So, why do cars need coolant anyways? Coolant in an engine has three different jobs:

  1. Protects engine parts made of aluminum.
  2. Keeps the engine safe from overheating
  3. Keeps the engine from freezing.

Without coolant in your engine, you’d be stuck on the side of the road. If you don’t have coolant or you have coolant that needs to be flushed and replaced, you may have damage to the engine that is irreversible. Damage like melted aluminum engine parts will cause your car to stop running altogether, even if you replace or refill the engine with coolant. Because of this, it is with utmost importance that you realize your car can’t survive without coolant in the summer or in the winter here in Colorado.

Do you see the heating gauge on the dash in your car rise to high temperatures often? If so, this can be a sure sign that your car is having coolant troubles. Visit your auto repair shop in Denver to get the problem taken care of before it’s too late!