The professionals at Urban Autocare realize that it’s only fall, but we are also well aware that before we know it, Denver’s roads will be covered in white majestic snow flakes that are beautiful, but harmful. From a distance, snow is a beautiful part of nature, but when you’re driving on snow covered roads, it’s a different story. Every winter our garage gets packed full of vehicles in need of repair. Auto repair is what we do best, but we are hoping that you don’t end up here because of the slippery mess of Colorado’s snow. Because we want you to stay safe out there on the road, here are some winter driving tips that everyone should be aware of.

Accelerate and Decelerate Slowly

When you accelerate and decelerate, do it slowly. There’s no need to gun the gas or slam on the brakes. Doing this will only cause the tires to lose traction. To regain traction or never lose it in the first place, try accelerating and braking slowly. With that being said, make sure you give yourself enough time in the morning when the roads are covered in snow and ice. Also, it’s important that you give yourself at least 5 car lengths between you and the car in front of you, more if you’re cruising at a faster speed.

Don’t go anywhere just yet! Our team has some more great tips to share to help you drive in the snow safely. Contact us online now if you’re in need of auto repair in Denver before winter arrives.