The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with this time of the year comes quite a bit of planning and organizing. If you’re planning on heading to a family member’s home for dinner or a long weekend visit, then, even more, planning is required. In the case of traveling, the primary options are either flying or driving, and at the rate that prices for flights are going for these days, driving can sometimes be the best option. While the flight may be quicker, the overall cost of checked bags, any delayed or rental cars, etc. will definitely outweigh the price of driving to your destination.

Rather than head out on the open road immediately, we suggest adding some routine automotive maintenance to your schedule. Here are a few of the things that you should get done prior to traveling for the holidays and why.

An Oil Change

Depending on the distance of the drive, an oil change could need to happen before leaving. The standard mileage between oil changes should be no more than 3000 miles, If you are nearing an oil change, get one completed prior to traveling, and if you are in a place where the amount that you drive will leave you ready for an oil change somewhere during the trip, call our office and we can determine whether or not you should stop in ahead of time, or if you’ll be in a good enough place to make it through the trip without getting one prior.

Troad-tripire Pressure

With great distances comes high mileage. Checking for both tire pressure and any bald tires can help minimize the chances of a flat tire or any sliding through roads that are wet, icy or slippery. In the case that you do hear about balding tires, it may seem like an expense that you’re not hoping to add to your holiday list, but is one that will have a great impact on your travels. Definitely, one worth taking care of in advance.

Head & Tail Lights

These are one of the easiest and most necessary automotive checks that you need to get done before leaving for your holiday road trip. These lights are essential for any drives that will occur during the early mornings or late nights but will also greatly minimize the chances of any accidents happening. Another issue that you could run into with an issue regarding head or tail lights would be to receive a ticket because of the lights that are out, which will only put a damper on your trip.

When you’re in need of automotive maintenance, you can count on the team at Urban Auto Care. We can complete a thorough and speedy assessment of your vehicle and provide you with a checklist of all the things that you should have checked before leaving for your trip. Make sure to call in advance and schedule an appointment so that we can ensure your car gets looked at prior to you leaving for your trip.