Vehicles that are well-maintained and cared for over the years have a better chance of surviving the test of time. Our auto repair experts all agree that if you provide you car with the needed services to keep it rolling, your vehicle will more than likely have no trouble at all staying running throughout the years. All you have to do is make sure that you are on top of getting your vehicle serviced with oil changes, brake checks and more. Today we’re talking about the “more”; does your vehicle have good drums (or rotors)?

Does your vehicle drum?auto repair denver

Rotors and drums are a part of a vehicle’s braking system. Your car, truck, SUV, etc., will have either a set of drums or a set of rotors. Depending on the age, you should be able to determine what your vehicle has when you contact our auto repair experts here. Furthermore, if you were never the go-getter type of car owner, you may find that your vehicle’s rotors or drums are having issues. If your vehicle’s brakes have been worn down excessively, there’s a chance that the rotors or drums have been damaged and are in need of replacement.

Does your vehicle need new drums or rotors?

An easy way to become aware of the fact that your car needs new drums or rotors is by listening. If the drums or rotors are your car’s way of stopping because the brake pads have been excessively worn down, you’ll hear screeching and squeaking. However, just like any other part on a vehicle, with time, you may need to replace the drums or rotors anyway.

Learn if your car needs a replacement.

To learn if your vehicle is in need of new rotors or drums, contact the leading auto repair mechanics here in Lakewood and Denver, Urban Autocare.