Even though Coloradans have adapted to crazy weather changes, there is one thing many people prefer not to do, and that’s drive in the snow. Snow may seem like a beautiful, peaceful scenery, but behind a running motor, you may see snow in a different light. Snow has the power to turn dry, safe roads into cold, slippery ice rinks, and if you don’t know how to drive on that type of surface, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many folks prefer to stay warm and in the comfort of their own home when the fluffy white stuff start to fall.  

Because we understand that driving in wet conditions is uncomfortable and even somewhat scary, here is the first of many tips that will help you get a grip!


It’s important to learn that safe driving is an art. And driving in adverse weather does require training and preparation. To make sure you’re putting forth the effort to truly prepare for winter driving conditions in Denver, it’s important that you make sure you are driving a vehicle that is reliable on wet roads. This means that your vehicle should have firm breaks, streak-free windshield wipers and excellent tire tread. If you need replacement windshield wipers, new tires or a brake check, feel free to give Denver Metro’s most trusted auto repair team at Urban Autocare a call. Because when a vehicle is ready, the driver has the ability to be ready.

The most important part about being out on the road during hazardous conditions is knowing what to do if an emergency occurs, you’ll be more likely to stay in control. Don’t go anywhere just yet! Stay tuned for more from our Get a Grip Guide to driving under snowy, wet road conditions.