Many folks don’t understand the advantages of learning how to drive a manual transmission, until the transmission in their own car needs a repair and they’re left trying to figure out how to get to and from work, etc. If you’ve recently found yourself out of luck because you’re car is in the shop for a transmission repair, there are some benefits to learning how to drive a manual transmission, so that the next time you can be prepared to drive away in any car available. So, to persuade you to give a manual transmission automobile a try, here are some great benefits of driving a stick shift.transmission repair denver

The Remaining Six Benefits of Driving a Manual Car, or Stick Shift

  1. Traditionally, manual transmissions can provide you with better gas mileage. Take this with a grain of salt; most new vehicles don’t show a difference when it comes to comparing gas mileage in a manual vs. automatic transmission, but if you have an older vehicle, you’ll notice the change. In fact, studies reveal that you’ll notice a boost in fuel efficiency anywhere from 5 to 15 percent. So, if you’re looking to buy an older car with better gas mileage, give a manual transmission a try.
  1. Stick shifts are usually easier to maintain. For the most part, manual transmissions can be much easier to maintain than automatic transmissions. Because clutches are a common transmission repair, it’s a cheaper compare to, let’s say, an automatic transmission repair. But, again, depending on whether you drive for hundreds of thousands of miles, you probably won’t even need a repair.

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