Our final blog is here! If you have been following the previous blog posts we’ve shared with you regarding the 9 do it yourself car hacks that you could be using on a day to day basis, then you will be excited to know that we’ve finally reached the end! Our Subaru repair specialists here in Denver want to give you the last few hacks that you will be more than excited to use on a daily basis in order to care for your car and keep it out of the repair shop.

  1. During your early morning commute spilling coffee starts to seem like a new hobby. To rid the coffee spills along with other tough stains, try dish detergent and even dryer lint to remove them.
  2. Scratch and cracked paint can be ugly to look at, and even though most people won’t notice it, you always will! An easy and quick way to rid these cracks and scratches is with nail polish! Clear nail polish can help rock chips from spreading and make your car look like new again!
  3. Tired of that dent that you see everyday? If you want to, try fixing it yourself first by using dry ice, a hair dryer or a can of compressed air. Blowing hot air, compressed air or rubbing the dent with dry ice can make your car’s dent easily manipulatable, making bending it back to its proper shape easy.

We hope that the past blogs we’ve given you with DIY lifehacks on how to care for your car a little more has helped you to realize that when you do need a Subaru repair shop in Denver, you know who to turn to! Contact us online now to schedule your appointment.