Some people love driving on the snowy roads in Denver, and others try to avoid it at all costs. No matter what your opinion is about the snow that hits the roads every winter here in Colorado, it’s important for you to understand that you should always be well equipped in case of an emergency. If you’ve been following our previous blog posts, then you already know that Urban Autocare, Denver’s leading Subaru repair team, has shared some knowledge with you. Here are more items that you should always have in your car during a winter season in Colorado.

First Aid Kit

No matter if you’ve been in an accident or if it was the car in front of you, a first aid kit will help out in an emergency. Just as important as having the first aid kit handy is having the knowledge of how to use it. Knowing how to properly splint a limb, where you should apply pressure in case of an open wound and how to clean out a cut is important information everyone carrying a first aid kit should know.

Extra Winter Clothes

Extra clothes, particularly winter clothes, should be stored in your car. Let’s hope that these clothes never have to be used, but if you do end up stranded, you’ll have clothes to keep you warm throughout the night. The more layers of clothes that you have available to wear, the warmer you’ll end up being. This could truly mean the difference of life or death in an unthinkable situation.

Jumper Cables

Most cars in Colorado have heavy duty batteries that are used to cold winters, but if your battery is old or this is your first winter here in Denver, you may be caught off guard by having a dead battery at the most inconvenient times possible. Because of this, it’s important to stay prepared by having jumper cables in your car. You never know when you’ll need to be jumped, or when you’ll need to help out someone in need.

Extra winter clothes,jumper cables and a first aid kit are all items you should always store in your vehicle. If you want to hear more tips from Denver’s Subaru repair experts on what to carry in your car during the winter, stay tuned for our next blog!