If you have ever been involved in a vehicle accident in the winter and snow or ice was the cause, you may be somewhat scared of driving during the winter. Because there’s no real way to get around driving in a big city like Denver, our professional Subaru repair team wants you to be fully aware of the winter driving tips everyone should know. Previously, we told you about accelerating and decelerating slowly, here’s another great tip!

Drive at Slower Speeds

While it’s important to accelerate and decelerate slowly, it’s also important  not to cruise at excessive speeds. When the roads are snow-packed and covered in ice, stopping is going to be tough. It’s highly important that you give yourself enough space between cars to stop safely; this goes for turning corners too. It’s easy to lose traction if you’re going too fast. So give yourself extra time, and more importantly, don’t drive too fast! A good way to gauge if you’re following too close on snow packed roads is by following only at a distance where it would take you 8 to 9 seconds to come to a full stop. If you’re driving on dry pavement, a good amount of time is 3 to 4 seconds to stop.

Where do you think you’re going? The Subaru repair team in Denver has all of the winter driving tips that you need to stay safe out there on the road. Contact our team if you are in need of a repair, and say tuned for our next blog.