Getting your car “summerized” is something that you need to take part in! Driving is something that you can’t get away from in the Denver Metro area. Although many wish there was an underground subway to make their commute to work easier and less of a hassle, most people end up driving to work rather than taking public transportation. Because of this, your Subaru repair specialists have come up with an easy list to make sure your car is completely “summerized”.

  1. Make sure that you gas cap is tightened. If it doesn’t tighten all the way, make sure you replace it.
  2. Change your tires from winter to summer, inflate them, and/or rotate them! Studies show that many people drive much more frequently in the summertime. Feel and stay safe by making sure your tires are in great shape.
  3. Get an oil change! Lube your car with great oil when you schedule an oil change with Urban Auto Care.
  4. Replace your spark plugs if needed. This is a relatively simple, yet important fix that you can do yourself or have our Subaru specialists complete.
  5. Replace your engine’s air filter. There are hundreds if not thousands of different pollutants caught in your engine’s air filter, change it out to breathe fresh air and give your engine the extra boost it needs!

Schedule your appointment with us today and get your car ready for summer! Contact us now if you have any questions or concerns about any of our services.