Believe it or not, there is a designated car to each zip code throughout Colorado. In fact, recently there was a study completed to find out which vehicles were the most popular in the most populated zip codes throughout the state. All of this data that has been collected from Colorado’s Department of Revenue is from April 2009, and it is of all the registered vehicles.

Which cars belong to each city?

From Broomfield to Aurora and Platteville to Granby, Ford pickups are the most popular on the road. They have showed up more consistently than other cars on the data report. In fact, over 50 Ford pickups were registered to a particular unit in each of these cities.

Every zip code from Steamboat Springs to Boulder are kings and queens of the Subaru! In particular, most Subarus turned out to be wagons. There’s no wonder that so many Coloradans love to be in the mountains, because these cars have been known to romp on the winter, muddy and wet Colorado roads without any problem or hesitation.

Interesting enough, the metro part of Denver had an astounding number of Toyotas, more specifically the Camry. It could be that these cars are a very durable and reliable, yet they’re appealing on their utility. With Toyota’s long lasting body and motor, you’ll be likely to drive it until the end of time.

Take care of your car!

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