Denver, Colorado is heating up fast! With all the rain that just passed, we were all hoping for some sunshine, but now that it’s unbearably hot, some are rethinking their hopes for hot weather. Believe it or not, cars aren’t too different from their owners. They want to stay cool just like you when it heats up outside, and vice versa in the winter. To do this, they have coolant in their engines. Not only with coolant keep the engine from overheating in the summer, but it’ll enable the engine to stay warm in the winter.

In our previous post, we gave you some reasons on why cars need coolant in the first place and what it does. But, what if your car is in need of coolant? Do you know what the signs are that your car has a sick cooling system? It is absolutely critical to make sure your car’s cooling system is working properly. If you don’t, you could be left on the side of the road without a car at all!

Overheating- If you notice steam or smoke coming out from under the hood, pull over immediately. An overheating engine is not a safe one. Don’t open the hood until the steam or smoke has stopped. If you notice that the car’s heating gauge is at its max, your car could overheat at any moment.

Leaks- Are you noticing wet spots in the driveway or garage after your car has been sitting for a prolonged period of time? Leaks can happen in any part of the undercarriage.

Smell of Antifreeze- Believe it or not, if you smell something sweet like pancakes or maple syrup while you are driving, chances are it’s antifreeze. This isn’t good, it’s a sign there’s a coolant system problem going on.

Needing to Add Coolant Frequently- You shouldn’t be needing to add coolant to the engine frequently, if you do have to add coolant, it could be because of a leak somewhere.

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