Summer is finally here, which means that you’re probably ready to take that road trip you and your friends have been planning all winter long here in Denver. If you think that you are ready to take off, think again. Because we care about your well-being and we want to you be safe, your Toyota repair specialists want to make you aware that there’s a checklist you should follow to make sure not only you are ready to hit the road, but your car too.


  1. Don’t forget about your fluids! You aren’t the only thing that needs to stay hydrated! Check your car’s engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, engine coolant and brake fluid.
  2. Check the hoses, belts and wiper blades. It is important that you get your belts checked, getting stranding on the side of the road is the last thing you want on your once-in-a-lifetime road trip! Replacing the wiper blades are easier, so replace them if needed and call Urban Auto Care for hose and belt checks.
  3. Double check your tires! What kind of condition are your tires in? Replace, inflate or rotate them if needed.
  4. Are all of your lights working? Don’t get pulled over for something you could of avoided. Check your brake lights, blinkers and headlights to make sure they are providing full function!
  5. Change out your battery and air filter if needed. Make sure you are checking these parts of your car! Don’t be left with a car that won’t start in the morning and better your gas mileage by replacing your air filter.

Don’t go anywhere just yet. We have more great tips you’ll need to go over before you take off on your road trip from Denver! Follow your Toyota repair specialists’ next blog for more great tips.