Toyotas are some of the most reliable cars out there on the market, but with every reliable car, there are some drawbacks that could leave you searching for Toyota repair in your area. Here in Denver, Colorado at Urban Auto Care, we have the certified Toyota mechanics that you can trust with all of your Toyota repairs, services and upgrades! But back to the point of our blog, there are great cars out there, but with every car, there are some setbacks. Here are the most common Toyota problems that may leave you calling our reputable auto repair shop for help when you  need it most.

Vehicle Speed Control

In some vehicles, more commonly in the Camry and Corolla, problems of vehicle speed control has been reported. This not only can reduce the safety of your drive, but it can lead to further damage to your car if the issue is not resolved.

Excessive Oil Consumption

For some reason, some Toyotas have been reported guzzling oil excessively, leaving the engine without the lubricant that it needs to run properly. Ultimately, this causes more problems if left unnoticed, or untouched. If you are are replacing oil more often than you should be, give our Toyota repair specialists a call.

We hope that none of the above common Toyota issues need repaired in your car, but if they are something that need to be addressed, don’t wait any longer! Give your Denver Toyota repair specialists a call today to schedule your much needed appointment.