It can be hard to make sure that your car is running in outstanding condition all of the time. We get that life happens and more important issues take a stand over how well your car is functioning, but let’s not forget that, without your car, you could be stuck! We’ve been giving you some of the signs that your transmission may be going out on your Toyota. Here are more signs to look out for when driving down the road.

Check Engine Light

How long has your check engine light been on? You know that pesky little light on your car’s dashboard that says “Service Engine Soon” in bright yellow? That little light is a helpful warning sign that you shouldn’t ignore! Not only is it one of the first warning signs that your car can give you, but if it’s lit, there’s something going on under the hood that you should be aware of! Take your vehicle to be inspected at Urban Autocare in Denver to see what’s going on under the hood!

Gears Slipping

Do you feel your gears slipping? If you do, this is a sure sign that the transmission is going out. When you shift gears, your vehicle should be staying in gear until you push the clutch in and manually shift it to the next. If this is something that happens often, it can be a serious safety risk.

Let us take care of all your transmission repair problems on your Toyota today. Call your Denver Toyota repair specialists now for help!