Toyota’s are very popular vehicles here in Denver, Colorado. It could be because of all the snow we get each winter, or maybe it is because with a Toyota you can go anywhere! With the Rocky Mountains as Denver’s backyard, there are adventures everywhere you look! Adventures, adrenaline and fun is always on every Coloradans mind, which is why your Toyota repair shop in Denver, Urban Auto Care, is going to be giving you the top 10 mechanical myths and misconceptions in the automotive world today.



AWD will allow you to drive faster around corners and enable you to dodge objects in the roadway.

Although AWD is a great way to help a vehicle accelerate, it does very little when it comes to avoiding road hazards and doesn’t cause your car to grip the pavement any better than a car without AWD.

The longer the distance between your car’s axles will make the vehicle you drive much more stable.

The distance of wheelbase is one thing, but the responsiveness to your vehicle’s stability is another. Don’t rely on the distance of the wheelbase alone to stabilize your vehicle.

A vehicle’s weight must be equally distributed 50/50 on both the front and rear axles.

While it is very important for all vehicles to have equal weight distribution, it isn’t the end all say all. Basically, the closer the vehicle is to be at 50/50, the better handling you’ll be able to experience.

Stay tuned for more myths debunked by your Toyota repair specialists in Denver.