In our previous blog we gave you some great ways that you can “summer”ize your car to be completely ready for the summer months here in Denver. However, today we will be giving you some great ways that you can make driving in the city and around Colorado much more efficient. Here are some tips from  your leading Toyota repair specialists in Denver on how to get the most out of your fuel.

  1. Don’t speed! Stop speeding and set your cruise control to the correct speed that you should be going. Did you know that driving 5 mph over 60 mph is pretty much like paying an additional $.24 per gallon of gas? So instead, set your cruise control and stay away from throttling.
  2. Avoid having a lead foot. We understand that getting going fast is something that you enjoy, but avoiding a lead foot with rapid acceleration can increase your fuel efficiency by 40%.
  3. Don’t idle! If you get stuck behind a train or are stuck in a drive through, be sure you shut off your car. Idling not only adds to the pollution in the air, but it causes you to waste more money at the gas station.
  4. Don’t drive with extra weight in your car! Driving with extra weight that you don’t need to be hauling around could be eating up your gas mileage. Only drive with what you need.

We hope that the above four tips have give you some great ways on how to make your car more fuel efficient. Visit us online now to learn more from your local Toyota repair specialists!