When was the last time you had your Toyota’s brakes serviced? Toyotas are some of the most popular cars driving the streets of Denver, which is why we chose to become a reputable Toyota repair shop that you can trust. So, when was the last time you either had your Toyota’s brakes serviced or replaced? If it’s been more than 12,000 miles, it’s time for you to make an appointment, and here’s why.

Safety Mattersdreamstime_xxl_8940850

Safety is one of the biggest issues with brakes. If you have driven more than 12,000 miles without having your brakes serviced, it’s highly recommended to have them inspected at the very least. Having your brakes inspected will give you the peace of mind that you  need to know that you’re driving a safe car that can stop you when you need it to. Preventing unwanted collisions on the streets of Denver is our highest priority, and it should be yours too.

Save Money on Toyota Repairs

Because you’re driving with brakes you know will work, if you need to slam on your brakes, you will be able to save money on costly repairs that would have otherwise been caused from an accident. Well maintained brakes can prevent many additional repairs.

Your Car’s Brakes Will Last Longer

Keeping your car’s brakes well maintained means that they stick around for a lot longer. A car with bad brakes are not only prone to repairs, but also safety issues. Regular maintenance means you will know when you need to replace the pads, brake fluid and even recognize when you have uneven linings.

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