You rely on your vehicle more often than you may know, and because of this, our transmission repair specialists in Denver, Colorado want you to know what problems to look out for. Transmissions are the most important part of your vehicle, and because of this, you need to know what the most common transmission problems to date are. We recently told you that the lack of response from your engine and leaking or low transmission fluid shouldn’t be ignored. Here are more problems that are worth making an auto repair appointment for.

Humming, whining or clunking sounds coming from under the hood.

There are many different sounds your car could make if the transmission is failing, but the most common sounds include humming, clunking and whining. Each car will respond differently, but people also report the sounds of buzzing too. Manual transmissions will sound more mechanical and abrupt, and automatic transmissions may sound more whiny.

Your vehicle may start shaking or grinding while you’re driving.

Whether you’re driving down the road or at a stop light, your car should never start to shake or grind. This is a suggestion that there is a problem with the gears. Manuals are more likely to make a grinding noise when you shift gears, whereas automatics will feel shaky. As your transmissions starts to fail further, the wiggle will become more noticeable during what used to be smooth transitions from one gear to the next.

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