When it comes to your car, there are a lot of moving parts that make it go vroom. With all of these parts, there could be some problems that you are experiencing. Unfortunately, problems can arise in any make or model, and more often than not, your vehicle may need a transmission repair in Denver in order to get back out on the road. So, what are the most common transmission problems that leave you asking for help?

Lack of response from your engine.

Does your car hesitate or refuse to go into gear when you need it to? If so, then that is a definite sign of a problem. You should immediately feel a response from your engine when you shift your car from park to drive. If this is a problem you’re experiencing with an automatic vehicle, you’ll notice a pause or delay before you can feel the gear engage. For manual transmission, you’ll notice a surge in the engine’s RPMs and hear a sound like the car is moving faster than it actually is.

Leaking or low transmission fluid.

Low transmission fluid is a sign that you have a leak. It is one of the most recognizable symptoms that your transmission has a problem, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Without transmission fluid, your engine won’t be able to run properly, which only means that your transmission could be on the verge of a breakdown. Without fluid, your car’s engine will stop working by seizing up. This isn’t easy to reverse, so take care of the problem when you first notice it.

Don’t go anywhere just yet. We have more common transmission problems to share with you in our next blog!