Do you like driving in the snow, or are you terrified of sliding off of the ice covered roadway? Whatever your fears are with winter, it’s important to understand that Denver’s transmission repair gurus have all of the tips you need to make it through Colorado’s winter safety. At Urban Autocare, we understand that driving in the snow can be stressful, which is one big reason why we’ve posted previous blogs sharing a list of items you should always have in your car. Here are additional items you should be sure to store with you in your car at all times this winter:

Bag Of Sand

A bag of sand may seem either pointless, or very important. For many drivers in Denver, a bag of sand may not be necessary, but for others, it could make the difference when driving on snow. Lightweight cars and rear-wheel drive vehicles will benefit from the extra weight of a couple bags of sand in your car’s trunk or bed of your trunk.

Ice Scraper

An ice scraper may be obvious to some, but others may not think twice about have an ice scraper in their car. No matter if you park in a garage at night or during the day at work, having an ice scraper will save you some time and will be handy when you’ve got a sheet of ice on your windows.

There are plenty of items that you should always have in your car during Denver’s rough winters. Stay tuned for more great information from Urban Autocare’s transmission repair professionals.