Everyone always worries about their car having transmission problems. If you haven’t ever thought that your car’s transmission could lead you to need repair from the specialists in Denver, Colorado, know that we’ve got your back! At Urban Auto Care, we specialize in transmission repairs, and we can help solve all of the problems your car is having. But first, here are more signs that your vehicle’s transmission is going out.

What’s that Smell?

Your car should never put off a smell like it’s burning. If you’re experiencing a burning smell coming from under the hood, there is likely something wrong with your transmission. That burning smell that you are experiencing could be from an overheated transmission. Transmission fluid is what keeps your transmission fully lubricated and cooled, so that it doesn’t get damaged or worn out too fast. If you’re smelling this nasty smell, it’s likely that your car’s transmission has a problem going on.redcar

Refusing Gears

Has your vehicle started to refuse to go into gears? This is a sign that you’ve got some transmission issues going on. Fixing your gears could either be a quick repair or a more intensive one. Basically, the cause for your vehicle refusing to go into gear is that the shift cables may need an adjustment or they have incorrect fluid thickness..

Want to learn more about transmissions so that you can be better prepared the next time you think your vehicle may have a transmission problem? Stay tuned for our next blog and contact your local transmission repair specialists in Denver today!