Transmissions are very complicated, and if they are not handled correctly, you could be with dealing with much more of a repair than you anticipated. Because we know this all too well, here at Urban Auto Repair in Denver, we wanted to give you a heads up on what the 4 most common transmission problems are.

  1. Leaks or Low Fluid Levels- It is more common than you think to have transmission fluid leaking from your transmission. This is usually what is causing low transmission fluid levels, which can cause a breakdown.
  2. Torque Converter Problems- If you’re experiencing transmission problems, it could be because of your torque converter needs a repair. It could be that your needle bearings need to be replaced. If you’re hearing strange sounds, this could be the problem.
  3. Solenoid Problems- If your transmission isn’t experiencing insufficient fluid levels, it could be because of the solenoid. This is the part of the transmission that controls the flow of transmission fluid throughout the transmission. If this is damaged, it needs to be repaired for your transmission to work effortlessly.
  4. Clutch Problems- The clutch and torque converter work closely with each other. The transmission as a whole depends on all of the other key elements that we’ve mentioned above. The clutch is actually located within the torque converter, which means that the torque converter is having issues, and your clutch could be jamming.

We hope that the above references of transmission problems have caught your eye. If you need a transmission repair here in the Denver Metro area, we invite you to visit us online and make an appointment! We provide mechanic services for our neighbors throughout Denver and Lakewood, including residents in City Park, Park Hill, Washington Park, Downtown, and Uptown. Schedule service today!